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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 14, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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what both sides are saying tonight. abc news at
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burn up right now. >> some 21 structures destroyed and hundreds of of people are told to leave their homes tonight because of two out of control wildfires. good evening. there are 11 active wildfires burning across california tonight. right now there are evacuations in el dorado county just outside sacramento and madera county in the communities of bass lake and oak hurst just outside yosemite. about a thousand people have been forced from 400 homes in bass lake and oak hurst as the courtney fire rages out of control. >> we are basically watch it burn up right now. it is sad because that's where we grew up. it is completely -- that's an entire subdivision right there. >> 320 acres have bunched and
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the flames damaged or destroyed at least 21 structures. hundreds of firefighters are doing their best in the steep terrain. in pollack pines in el dorado county fire crews are on the ground and in the air trying to contain the king fire. 130 homes have been evacuated. people in another 400 homes are being told to be ready to go. >> we are just ready. we are prepared. >> his home is under a voluntary evacuation mandate, but she is not taking chances. >> it is scary. we have our trailers hooked up in case. my daughter is here and i told her take this and take that. basically my animals and my pictures is what i am looking at. >> it started in a remote area on saturday, but exploded when it reached a canyon of thick, dry brush. crews have fought tooth and nail to get it 10% contained. >> we are reducing the fuel load cutting down trees and looking a fuel line. when the fire hits it we can
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have a line to stand on. >> evacuations have been lifted for residents in nevada county. six structures were destroyed. it burned 155 acres and is 30% contained. evacuations have been lifted in mendocino county. the 417-acre fire burning near black bart road has destroyed five structures and five out buildings. the fire is now 50% contained. a two and a half square mile wildfire burning in orange county, silverado canyon is 20% contained. six firefighters suffered minor injuries, many heat related. 200 homes remain evacuated. >> a richmond family is grieving after a man was killed after getting into a fight with a police officer. 24-year-old richard perez died after midnight. an officer shot him three times in the chest.
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the police department says the officer was conducting a regular beat check when he encountered perez outside uncle sam's liquor store. the officer told investigators perez was intoxicated, acting aggressively and wouldn't sit down when ordered. >> it turned into a physical fight that went on for almost a minute where the officer felt the suspect grabbing on to his gun and trying to pull on his holster. >> i still don't believe it. >> he didn't have a gun, a knife, nothing. >> part of the incident was captured on a surveillance camera. police have not released the video. the officer, a six-year veteran, is on paid administrative leave. turn together season opener at the newly vie stadium in santa clara. we have team coverage with larry beil, but we begin with abc sech news report -- abc7 news reporter sergio. the big question has been about traffic. what has it been like trying to leave the game tonight?
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>> i did set a timer as the game let out before 9:00 this evening to see how long it would take. according to the timer, it was about an hour and a half, an hour and 40 minutes. you can see right now the parking lot outside levi stadium is pretty much cleared out which is not that bad when you consider this is a stadium that can seat about 70,000 people. today's game was at about capacity. this is what it looks like when thousands of fans stream out of levi stadium. plenty of buses shuttled fans away and the traffic officers helped direct them out of the area. but there was a back up on streets heading to the freeways. most fans were clearly not happy with the end result of the game or the drive home. >> how is traffic? >> traffic is terrible. >> a terrible, terrible game and then you lose. come on, man. >> this is going to be a long drive home. >> i am in a van full of bears fans. it is not going to be a good ride home. >> it was easy to find the
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happy fans. they are wearing bears blue. >> your drive back home? >> it will be amazing. they will be quiet and i will be making the noise. >> heading into the game was a piece of cake. >> we have been dropped off before. today we drove in and did the tailgate. >> lots of hard core fans piled into the green lot which is the massive parking area in front of great america. it is where a tailgating village formed before the game. >> this is better than the blue aisle, i will tell you that. last night was crazy, but this is perfect. >> the amusement park was closed to accommodate the 49er faithful and it will remain closed for all home games. abc7 news. now let's head to abc7 news sports director larry beil with what happened on the field. larry? >> hi, katie. it started with a big celebration and a big 49er lead. it ended with stunned silence
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at the finish as the niners blew a a 17-0 cushion and ended up lose together chicago bears 28-20. not the way they wanted to christen this new stadium. the festivities started with joe montana and jerry rice. three kaepernick interceptions allowed the bears to seize control in the second half. and with jay cutler hitting big brandon marshall for three touchdowns. the bears ruin the opening night. >> it was very disappointing. when it is a new stadium and when the 49er organization has so much history behind them, you know you want to come out here and win the game for the team. for the organization. and that was what i wanted to do. i'm pretty sure everybody else in the locker room president whatted to win the game -- locker room wanted to win the game as well. jay this was the game the 49ers had in their grasp and
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they let it slip away. colin kaepernick describing his performance. one word, terrible. more from kaep later in sports. live at loo vie stadium, abc7 sports. >> thank you. today's nfl games did not come without controversy. the league's domestic violence troubles triggered disappointment and protest. lilian kim has that part of the story. >> the national women's rights group ultraviolet spent $10,000 on their air assault. from firs energy stadium in cleveland to met life in new jersey the banners had the same message, goodell must go. >> we wanted to reach fans definitely at the games. this weekend's game is a free opportunity. we also wanted to reach play a yes, sirs and coaches and personnel -- players and coaches and personnel. people who were warming up saw it. >> roger goodell has been criticized for his handling of the ray rice incident. video released shows him punching his then fiancee. goodell is under pressure to
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take action on the ray mcdonald case. the 49er was arrested for striking his pregnant fiancee, but played again today. hours before the game lieutenant governor gavin newsom and his wife, jennifer, released a statement saying allowing him to play is a painful affront to those vices times of -- victims of do mess stick violence and dash a dash domestic violence and sends a bad message that zero tolerance are empty words. >> in my heart of hearts i wanted to say go 49ers, but i am so disappointed with the team to say that. >> despite her disappointment she remains optimistic. they call for the 49ers to bench him passed unanimously. >> they are providing feedback and are upset brrrr the -- upset about the issue. >> the nfl can expect the protest to continue. lilian kim, abc7 news. hurricane odi le has made -- odile has made
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landfall. it is a powerful category 3 storm. they encouraged vacationersers in cabo san lucas to leave. they have set up enough shelters to house 30,000 people. let's head over to drew for a look at odile. drew? >> odile made landfall an hour and 15 minutes ago in cabo san lucas. let's switch over to our tropical pacific satellite and show you the scene in mexico at this hour. odile is packing winds of 120 miles per hour. it is a category 3 storm and it is moving to the north, northwest at 17 miles per hour. the track over the next couple days keeps it a category 2 storm as late as monday afternoon. by tuesday morning it is weakening to a category 1 storm. back in the bay area we have a chance for some rain in the seven-day forecast. all of the details a in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you.
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still to come on abc news at 11:00 -- >> miss new york! >> the big winner at tonight's miss america pageant grew up here in the bay area. we will hear from a family friend tonight. and a possible mess for the morning commute. the change you will want to know about. and the wedding at the vatican and why it made history today. that's when abc7 news at
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america. miss new york was crowned tonight in atlantic city. while she had the title of new york, the winner is actually from here in the bay area. more on that a in a moment. we begin with abc7 reporter
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marcy gonzalez in atlantic city. >> miss new york. >> there she is, miss america 2014. for the third year in a row miss new york taking home the crown, beating out 52 other young women who gave it their all on this stage in atlantic city. >> from the swimsuit competition to the evening gowns to showing off. the judge's questions. >> should there be any limits on the use of guns by children? >> a night of beauty, brains and talent and ending with one contestant's life forever changed. and the newly crowned miss america 2015 leaves here with $50,000 in scholarships and a whole year of big events ahead. marcy gonzalez, abc news, atlantic city.
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the winner is from walnut creek. she graduated from los lomas high school. this is her in the traditional parade of shoes on atlanta's boardwalk. her family still lives here and abc news spoke to a long-time family friend moments after she took the title. >> not only is she beautiful, but she is extremely intelent j, compassionate, extremely motivated and very ambitious and just really a greatal around -- great all-around young lady. i am proud of her and the bay area has a lot to be proud of. >> they say kyra is the perfect role model and she hopes the new miss america will come back soon to celebrate with her hame -- with her family and her hometown. >> ♪ clap along >> she was crowned after
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playing a red, plastic cup. she was inspired by the movie "pitch perfect" where she additions performing rythmically with a cup. there was a social media uproar. she says she did it to show future con -- contestants that they can win performing any talent they like regardless of what other people think. >> a construction project could cause problems for commuters. they are realizing the-to-be lanes near the toll plaza. you can see the change in this illustration from the presidio parkway. the former lane configuration is in red. abc7 news traffic reporter will have the latest tomorrow morning on the abc7 morning news. it is starting at 4:30. >> the golden gate bridge labor coalition says it will go on strike if no agreement is reached with the golden gate highway and transportation district tomorrow. the unions are disputing the proposed contract that would
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increase employee health care premium. speaking of tomorrow, month, let's get a check of the forecast. >> hi, katie. and we are expecting a quiet weather pattern for the next 24 hours. live doppler 7hd will show uh scan with clear skies. our exploratorium camera is showing you downtown san francisco and the big story we were tracking was the cool down in our inland locations. the 24-hour temperature change in our afternoon highs from saturday to today is anywhere from 3 dries cooler in -- 3 degrees cooler in walnut creek. and that will continue to drop these numbers tomorrow afternoon . 61 san francisco and 67 concord and 67 san ramon and 62 san mateo. nasa at 60 degrees. our forecast animation shows the trailing cold front associated and we will continue to get a cool sea
11:19 pm
breeze and cooler days ahead on the seven-day forecast 5:00 a.m. a and clouds and fog along the coast. that will burn off quickly. we turn to sunnier skies by the afternoon and we will track the cooler temperatures for mainly our inland locations. i want to take your attention to midweek. we do have a chance on thursday morning of some rain here in the bay area. the best chance for that rain would be in our north bay locations early thursday morning. and that means anywhere from say a trace amount of rain to as much as maybe a 10th of an inch. as you go from san francisco to oakland .05 inches. the best chance of the showers is in novato and napa and santa rosa as you get close to a 10th of an inch. we will fine-tune this forecast. the low-pressure system continues to get closer. your bus stop forecast for tomorrow morning, inland a and east bay mainly sunny and temperatures in the 60s. the coast and san francisco
11:20 pm
will see a little fog. the bay 62 degrees under partly cloudy skies. the highs for your monday a will see 80 san jose and 80 in cupertino and along the peninsula, 76 san mateo and downtown san francisco 69. 65 sunset district. 77 petaluma and 79 sonoma and 86 calistoga. east bay in the 70s. 78 in newark and 88 pittsburgh and 90 livermore and a high of of 87 in pleasanton. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, we will show you early morning clouds. sunshine in the afternoon and the wednesday night and thursday morning time frame. the high clouds and see if we can squeeze out a little moisture by thursday morning specifically in our north bay locations. >> see what you can do. >> i will try my best. >> shu couldn't do much for the niners. they needed you. >> i know. they proved once again that you can't win games with multiple turnovers.
11:21 pm
colin kaepernick, three picks and a fumble. it is a 17-0 lead losing their home opener to the bears. reaction next in sports.
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distractions this week. did they take the bears for granted? well, they lost their first game at levi stadium. it is a state-of-the-art facility and they looked good early. kaepernick, colin that is, hits crabtree for three yards. the second td and frank gore eight yards. 17-049ers. a big play here though. second quarter and jay cutler finds brandon marshall. 17 yards and bears on the board at the half. he is good. early fourth quarter and cutler to marshall. it is now a six-point game.
11:25 pm
he rips it away. frustration for the 9ersers and kaepernick. the bears capitalize. back shoulder to bennett. bears up 21-20. cutler to marshall. six minutes and 42nds. fourth and 9 at the 17. to crabtree and not gonna happen. they make up a 17-point deficit. the niners fall to 1-1. we now go live to levi stadium where larry beil is standing by with him. >> colin kaepernick will remember opening night at levi stadium for all of the wrong reasons as you just showed in the highlights. four turnovers and three picks and one fumble. but in addition to the turnovers i thought one play really tipified the effort in the game.
11:26 pm
it was frank gore taking off on what was a spectacular 54-yard touchdown run and it ends up being called back because of penalties. they committed 16 penalties in a game that left them extremely frustrated. >> we have great fans. when you are up like that you have to go for the kill. we let them get back in the game. they beat us. >> i won't say i felt good about the game or what i did, but as far as my decision, i mean i saw the coverage. i went where i wanted to with the ball. i just didn't make the play. >> it was no distraction. we put the loss on us as a football team. we all had the fingerprint on the team. >> so as shu mentioned, the niners fall to 1-1 and really a lost opportunity. seattle also lost today, but a
11:27 pm
new opportunity awaits next week as the 49ers visit 2-0 arizona. live at levi stadium, abc7 sports. >> thank you, larry. a tough loss and we haven't forgotten the raiders and neither did houston as the silver and black liked them with four turnovers in the loss to the texans. putting more pressure on. not a good look. highlights and reac
11:28 pm
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11:31 pm
possession. arian foster makes it 14-0 and he had 138 yards. the home debut is looking for michael rivera. 605 yards later -- 65 yards later and they were able to prevent the shutout. early in the fourth, 30-14 your final. they began the season 0-2. the giants are trying to keep pace with the dodgers. a beautiful day at at&t. matt kemp with another one. the dodgers open up a three-game lead in the west. the mariners maintain their lead in the west. he sends this chris young change up packing. the first homerun in 29 games and they win it 4-0. busy day. >> definitely.
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in tonight's headlines, an investigation is underway after a deadly officer-involved shooting in richmond. 24-year-old richard perez died after getting into a fight with an officer outside a liquor store early this morning. the officer says perez was intoxicated and during the fight reached for his gun. the family says perez was not armed. for 49er fans the commute to and from levi stadium today was a lot like the game itself. good at first and then bad. today was the first regular season test for the parking plan and fans leaving the game says traffic was backed up from freeways to surface streets. construction on the golden gate bridge tomorrow morning could cause traffic delays.
11:36 pm
crews are re-aligning the southbound lanes near the toll plaza. miss america pageant crowned a new winner and miss new york grew up in the area. she moved to attend university on long island. tonight president obama is waiting to hear from congress whether he will get the money he requested to fight the mill tapet -- militant islamist group. >> it was another grotesque repeat and this time the victim was david haines kneeling at the feet of another masked killer. his last words were a statement blaming his execution on the british prime minister, david cameron. >> david has been murdered by an organization which is the embodiment of evil. >> haines was a married father of two whose family tried in
11:37 pm
vein to win his release in the year and a half since his kidnapping. the brazen video aimed at allies to the united states comes days after president obama announced plans to fight isis in the mideast with a coalition of forces. a theme he reprized in his weekly address. >> we are moving ahead with our strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy this terrorist organization. >> john kerry said on sunday that some arab nations will lend air power against isis. >> there are some that are clearly prepared to take action in the air alongside the united states and to do airstrikes. >> but they say they can't be beaten from the skies. >> it will take an army to beat an army. and the idea that we will never have boots on the ground to defeat them in syria is fantasy. >> one expert says the iraqi ground forces are not ready for the job. >> we will need american special forces on the ground and in combat advising the
11:38 pm
guys. >> that's exactly what president obama has vowed not to do. abc news, new york. >> u.s. naval officials identified a fighter pilot presumed dead after two jets crashed in the far western pacific ocean. they believe 26-year-old nathan paloski died after his hornet collided with another off the u.s. territory of wake island on friday. the navy searched the waters for him since the crash. crews rescued the other pilot who safely ejected. they were based at naval air station in the san juaquin valley. a california man has been sentenced to six years in a prison camp. matthew todd miller is from bakersfield. north korean officials say he tore up his visa after arriving in peon yang. scotland will vote on whether
11:39 pm
or not to declare independence. today queen elizabeth ii told the crowd she hopes people will think carefully about the future. it is the first time the queen has spoken publicly about the looming decision on whether or not to split with england. most polls indicate the population is split down the middle on the issue. >> people understand and know this is a prosperous country. they want the benefit for all of the people. >> the affects of a political decision are the economic affects. what will happen is prices will rise. they are clear about it. it is not a conspiracy. they are saying what will happen. >> many businesses have warned independence will cause prices to rise and destabilize banking. but they say they are scare tam tam -- scare tactics. >> that wedding like no other at the vatican. 40id's or si were pronounced
11:40 pm
as pope francis married 20 couples. one bride is already a mother. among those tieing the knot in the historic ceremony, couples living together fof the wedding and one with a child outside of marriage. both sins according to catholic doctrine. pope francis reminded the couples that marriage is real life and not some tv show. nine people were hurt when a backyard collapsed. it happened around 7:00 last night. about a dozen people were on the deck during a party when it fell. three people suffered broken bones including a broken pelvis. everyone is expected to recover. a grape spill is now cleaned up after blocking both lanes of sp 101 -- of southbound 101 near cloverdale. the crates shifted causing the driver to lose control spilling the grapes on to the highway. no one was hurt. laughter filled san francisco's golden gate park
11:41 pm
this afternoon as hundreds of people came out for the 34th annual comedy day. it features more than 40 comedians performing on stage for free. this year's laugh fest paid tribute to late actor robin williams. organizers say williams was a big inspiration for bay area comics comics and regularly attended the event. still to come, back from the front lines. the local doctor who is putting his life on hold to fight the deadly ebola outbreak and the new sign of hope. and the holiday shopping season is already underway. find out what stores are offering up right now. >> our sea breeze continues as we head back to work and school tomorrow. the temperatures will continue to drop for our afternoon highs. we will have another look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up.
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at the marin county office of administration to learn about human trafficking, child abduction and to hear from survivors. cheryl jennings emceed the event host erred by -- cheryl jennings who emceed the event. they listened to survivor stories and from professionals working to help those victims. another sign of hope in the fight against the deadly
11:45 pm
ebola outbreak. a ucsf researcher back from the front line says a new alliance has been formed that will mean more money and resources to help save lives. and dr. dan kelly is putting his own life on hold to focus on the outbreak. >> this will require full time help. i was in the masters program at berkeley and withdrew yesterday. >> he said it was an easy decision. he can do more and learn more in the field than a in the classroom. in sierra leone he is the teacher. he taught a thousand health care workers to protect themselves from eat bow law virus. from the ebola virus. >> they are taking care of patients positive with ebola. >> his group is joining with part pers in health. the leader -- partners in health. it was founded by paul farmer. >> i got one e-mail saying we
11:46 pm
are all in. >> it means berry sources and connections. >> we are a half million dollar organization that has been helping a district of people, but we only have 150 employees and partners. >> and a $40 million budget. >> the u.s. government is offering 10 to 20 medevac planes to be on the ready. volunteers will be more willing to travel if they know they can get home if they get sick. they are offering to train volunteers at the cdc. >> what i am trying to do with the help of other individuals is create a pipeline of clinicians that can help respond to this crisis. >> as for patients being treated in the u.s., infected american aid worker has received two blood trans fuses from dr. kent brantly who fought off the virus. they say he is responding well. dr. kelly says stories of survival and experimental drugs are giving patients hope.
11:47 pm
a hope he is starting to feel himself. >> the whole idea before i went of how i could help and not being able to do enough and then getting on the ground and feeling more at peace with the work i was doing, but being frustrated by the under well ming response -- under well ming response i am heartened. >> if you want to help you can contribute to the crowd funding campaign. she aiming for $125,000 and people have donated nearly 90,000 so far. we have details on our website , back to school shopping is so yesterday. some retailers are already on to the holiday deals. k-mart is enticing shop shoppers with bargains and lay away plans. they are testing their top selling products especially kids toys. buyers say they get great deals and save themselves from last-minute shopping stress. and now a check of the forecast and i guess we don't
11:48 pm
need an indoor shopping forecast. >> we are tracking a quiet night on live doppler 7hd. you are not going to find any moisture on the map. we are tracking at least one system around the great lakes that will bring the cool temperatures and the rain to parts of chicago and st. louis and even minneapolis with the cool temperatures. ahead of the front a bit warmer. 78 for washington, d.c., but as you get closer to the gulf coast rain showers around new orleans and dallas and miami. back closer to home in the golden state, we will find warm temperatures. fresno 103 and palm springs 108 and even l.a. in the midst of the heat wave. 903 the high and 94 sacramento. 69 is the high for san francisco tomorrow and 80, 89 fairfield and antioch and livermore are still warm with a high of 90. the temperatures continue to fall inland thanks a to the stronger sea breeze tomorrow knocking the temperatures back down from the triple digit heat we had on saturday.
11:49 pm
the accu-weather forecast we will show you you tomorrow, early morning fog with sunshine in the afternoon as we head toward wednesday and thursday. we will watch the area of low pressure as it moves closer. it will bring us high clouds and we will see if we get a little moisture out of the system. system. that's what it looks like right now. >> that would be good news. >> meanwhile, shu has bad news. >> i am just the messenger. the raiders are knocked off in their home opener by the texans and the niners cough up four turnovers in their loss to the bears. eric reid will break down
11:50 pm
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levi stadium as they wanted to. great facility and the team looked good early. they blocked the chicago punt. the first official touchdown at levi stadium. the second touchdown and frank gore 8 yards and 63 yards on the ground from frank. second quarter and cutler to marshall. one of three td catches against ward. 17-yard touchdown and what a catch. kaep intercepted three times. late a in the fourth and last chance to cab tree and nope. bears beat the niners.
11:53 pm
>> this was a rough one, especially given the 17-0 lead early on. >> i think we made mistakes a couple of of times. defensively we could have capitalized on a couple of situations. one being the fumbled snap they had. we just have to look out when we get back out there. it is early in the season and we have a lot more football to be played. >> brandon marshall showed why he is an all pro. >> cutler made some good throws in the red zone and they made good catches. >> if we could have broken up a couple of passes we could have got it. >> is this a problem with new members in the second? i know they had favorable match ups and marshall against jimmy ward they took advantage of a number of times. >> i wouldn't call it a problem at all. we have young players. i am still a young player.
11:54 pm
these guys are getting experience and i am still getting experience. they made some plays. they stepped up for them. if we see them again we will have more fire jie. what did coach harbaugh tell you after the game? >> that was a tough one. we put ourselves in bad situations. it is over and done with and we have to look forward to our next game. >> raider nation had a tough time watching the silver and black. jj watt lines up as a tightened in his first career touchdown. his home debut looking for rivera. 65-yard return set up a field goal. mcfaden one yard early and a td catch late. four turnovers and they begin the season 0-2. giants keeping pace with the dodgers.
11:55 pm
they struck out nine over eight innings. matt kemp is still on fire. a two-run blast puts them up 4-1. they open up the lead against the giants in the west. san francisco leads the wild card by three games over the pirates. a's looking to take two of three from the mariners and maintain their lead in the wild card chase. that's out of here. 1-0a's. john lester and he is pretty good when he gets run support. struck out seven. brandon moss hasn't hit a homerun in 39 games. a's go on to win it 4-0 and they lead the wild card a game and a half over the royals. 66th minute and ricocheted to stewart. his right foot, 13th of the year. it is a 1-1 draw.
11:56 pm
do you think cousins and team usa want to win the fifa world cup championship? and irving caught fire. klay thompson with 3 of his 12. curry had 10 and team usa lead by 40. 129-92 the final. looking to clinch the fed ex cup. eastlake in atlanta. they came in tied for the lead and misses the par on 11. he finished three back. birdies 15 to move to 11 under. they roll in the long par putt. it was 11 under and he can taste it. he shot a 69 and back to back bogies on 17 and 18. left him three shots back. wins two out of the last three
11:57 pm
tournaments and gets booed doing the florida gator chop in georgia. 11.4 million will soften the blow. nascar's opening race for the chase -- in the chase for the cup. a busy day as usual and the 9ers and raiders will hopefully bounce back. >> that would be great. >> see what you can do. >> that will do it tonight. abc7 news continues at 4:30. thanks so much for joining us. have a good night.
11:58 pm
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